Embryonic Stem Cell Research and Moral Reasoning

There are a few moral issues surrounding embryonic stem cell research that should be confronted from the Christian perspective.  The fundamental worldview in place is a compassionate utilitarianism or “spiritualistic naturalism” as Dennis Hollinger describes.  On this view the ultimate virtue of compassion is exercised in the pursuit of greater well-being for the greatest number of people, which then … More Embryonic Stem Cell Research and Moral Reasoning

Theistic Evolution and Evil

William Dembski writes about the response to the problem of evil known as theistic evolution. [1] Theistic evolution in general tries to reconcile evolutionary theory with theistic belief. The position holds that God engineered the origin of species utilizing the evolutionary process. Gerald Rau further breaks down theistic evolution into two categories: planned evolution and … More Theistic Evolution and Evil

A New Model for Apologetics

Norman Geisler reviews the arguments against miracles from David Hume and Antony Flew in Geisler’s essay “Miracles & the Modern Mind”.[1] Both Hume and Flew’s arguments have the common characteristic of moving from common or uniform experience to incredulity against exceptions to that experience.  In short they argue that we have never experienced a miracle, … More A New Model for Apologetics

Twisting Scripture

How do we settle disputes over scripture? How can we determine which interpretation is better?  In order to work through these sorts of issues, we need to know what we are looking for.  Let’s use the different interpretations of James 2 between Mormons and Historical Christianity as our example. The Mormon will point out that … More Twisting Scripture