Case for Christianity

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The Big Bang is a Big Problem for Atheism
There is no such thing as a free lunch, or a free universe.  One of the biggest problems for atheists is that the universe had a beginning.

Programmed for Life: Nature’s Laws and God
As Robin Collins puts it, “All these features of the laws of nature … give the impression in many people’s minds that the universe was created by some transcendent intelligence.”

If You Believe in a Moral Right and Wrong, You Should Believe in God.
Moral values and duties can only exist if God exists, and we should believe in morality because of our firsthand experience.

If Anything Exists, God Exists.
When we look out and see a world full of contingent objects and we consider what explains their existence we must come to an explanatory stopping point.  We inevitably come to a self-explained explainer of everything that exists.

The Resurrection Best Explains the Available Evidence – The resurrection of Jesus is the best explanation of the historical evidence.


Defensive Apologetics

If God Exists, Why Doesn’t He Fix Evil?
How can a good God allow so much evil in the world?  How can we believe in a God who let’s people go to hell because they don’t know he exists?

Genocide in Joshua (Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4)

The Supposed March of Science on God