Ignorant of Irony

I ran across this article today: Ignorant and Proud.  I got such a laugh out of it that I felt inspired to respond.  The irony is thick in this one as it is the author who shows he is ignorant and proud even as he accuses the Christian.

CaptureHe saw a bumper decal with the Truth eating Darwin logo.  From this logo alone he goes into a tirade about how ignorant the driver must be.  He makes all sorts of assumptions about him (such as that the man must be anti-scientific or that he only believes because he was indoctrinated by his parents).  He knows nothing at all about the man, but he doesn’t allow his own ignorance to give him pause in writing a post about how ignorant the man must be.

That aside, he did repeat some atheistic slogans that you may have heard before.

“How much arrogance is required to equate one’s personal religious beliefs with truth?”

Everyone does this.  If you didn’t think your personal religious beliefs were true then you wouldn’t believe them.  Who would hold a personal religious belief that they thought was false?

faith (i.e., their belief in something for which there is insufficient evidence to support their belief)”

This is a very common misrepresentation of what Christians mean by the term “faith”.  Faith is simply one’s trust in God.  The word itself doesn’t imply anything about what sort of evidence there may be to warrant that trust.  Even so, there is certainly sufficient evidence to support the basic facts of Christianity (namely that God exists and that God raised Jesus from the dead).

There didn’t seem to be a lot of critical thought in this article, but hey…at least it was good for a laugh!