How do you get God to reveal himself?

How do you get God to send you an angel or have him reveal himself to you? How do you know without a doubt one or both of the things happened to you?

I appreciate the way that you have phrased your question.  “How do you get God to…?”

Fundamentally, this seems to imply that you’d like to impress your way of doing things (direct, personal, supernatural revelation) on God.  Generally speaking, this is not how God has chosen to bring his message of salvation to the world.  His method is to make disciples who make disciples.  Consider Matthew 28:18-19 which Christians call the “Great Commission”.  It reads, “I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth.  Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”  We call this the “Great Commission” because it is what the Christian church was created to do.  Notice the connection between Jesus’s authority and the command.  In essence he is saying, “I am the one with the right to determine how this will unfold, therefore I am appointing my followers as the means by which this will happen.”

All of that to say this:  The way that God wants to reach out to you is through others who have already accepted his offer of forgiveness.  This is his chosen method.  Since he is God, he gets to choose how he reaches new people.

You asked how you can know that the message of Christianity is true “without a doubt”.  I think this may be the wrong way to come at this.  Consider the external world.  How can you know that the external world exists “without a doubt”?  It is a well accepted principle in philosophy that one can not even present evidence in favor of the existence of the external world because any such evidence will come from from the external world.  The better question may be, “Am I justified in my belief in the external world?”

A similar question can be asked of Christianity.  “Am I justified in believing that God exists and that God has raised Jesus from the dead?”  The answer to that is a clear “yes”.

  • God is the best explanation for why something rather than nothing exists.
  • God is the best explanation for how the universe came into being.
  • God is the best explanation for the remarkable fine-tuning we find in the constants and quantities in the laws of nature.
  • God is the best explanation of objective moral values and duties.
  • That God raised Jesus from the dead is the best explanation of the available historical evidence surrounding his death.

One is certainly justified in putting their faith in Jesus.  Is this something you are willing to do?

Matt Bilyeu