Meaning in life without God?

Do you believe that in order to feel that your life has meaning, that meaning has to come from an external source? Does it have to be an objective meaning? I want to believe in God, but I’m only 16 and therefore I don’t know if making my career or family my life’s purpose would give me the same level of happiness as believing in a God. I also listened to a podcast in which said that the only reasons for which transhumanism doesn’t answer the question “What is the meaning of life?” are that even though it might offer immortality it contradicts the second law of thermodynamics and that even if it expands consciousness it still won’t offer infinite qualitative goodness. So the fact that transhumanism doesn’t offer an objective meaning isn’t a reason?


The argument about meaning in life and God is not related to our feelings of meaning. The point is that if God does not exist, then you don’t have any objective purpose for your life no matter what feelings you may or may not have.  If God does not exist, then mankind is just an accidental byproduct of the unguided process of evolution.  There was no purpose to our coming into existence, we just happen to be here.  We will also happen to go extinct in a relatively short period of time, if nothing else then when our Sun runs out of fuel.  We came about for no reason, we will go out of existence without having made any lasting difference.  What is true of us collectively is true of us individually.  If all of us together have no purpose, then we cannot have purpose individually either.

I should also point out that if the Christian God exists, then you do have an objective purpose for your life (whether you acknowledge it or not).  God told us through Moses that the purpose for human life is to be in the image of God.  That is to say that the purpose for your life is to reflect who God is through your words, your deeds, and your thoughts.  That is to say, you are to be a picture of who God is.  The Apostle Paul said that we have all “sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23)  That is to say, we were meant to live up to the glory of God and we instead fell short of it.  Paul also said that God’s purpose for us is to be conformed to the image of his son. (Romans 8:29) Since you are a human being, this is your purpose in life.  One can refuse to fulfill that purpose, but there is no other purpose available.  We were created for a specific reason.  It happens to be the case that the purpose is pretty awesome as we are invited to share in God’s own life, but we will each choose to fulfill or neglect that purpose.

The offer made through Jesus is forgiveness and atonement for those times in which we fall short and redemption back to our purpose.  Even though you may have failed to display who God is through your life up to this point; Jesus offers to cover the penalty for your mistakes and offer you a new life in which you pursue that purpose (either again or for the first time).

In this way, your purpose in life is not about what you do but rather who you are.  Your purpose is to share in God’s own life and to reflect who he is in the world.  Is that a purpose that you want to fulfill?