What’s wrong with Calvinism?

I received the question above and my response is below:

The major problem with Calvinism is the doctrine of irresistible grace.  This is the doctrine that when God calls one to salvation, that grace extended is irresistible.  That is to say, it is impossible that one can reject the gospel if God extends irresistible grace.

This leads us to a difficult question.  Why does God not save everyone?  The doctrine of irresistible grace rules out the answer that some will not accept God’s offer of salvation.  We might formalize our reasoning here:

1) God wants everyone to be saved.
2) If God wants everyone to be saved, then everyone will be saved.
3) Therefore, everyone is saved.

It seems that the doctrine of irresistible grace makes premise 2 unassailable for the Calvinist.  This leads us logically to either affirm premise 3 or reject premise 1, but either choice seems incompatible with scripture.

Matt Bilyeu

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