How do I get more faith?

I received a question from someone struggling with a tension between what they believe by faith and what they want to believe by faith.  They had asked how to get more faith.

My response is below:

I’m not sure precisely what you are getting at.  You say that there is a tension between what you believe by faith and what you want to believe by faith.  Could you clarify what you mean here?

Faith is when we act upon what we believe.  Faith isn’t a means of believing, but rather a relation that one has to a belief.  I believe that my car will start, and that belief becomes faith when I get in and turn on the ignition.

How do you increase your faith?  I would start by examining your beliefs to make sure that you are believing correctly.  It does no good to put faith in false beliefs.  The defender’s podcast is a great starting point as Dr. Craig goes through a thorough examination of the Christian worldview.  How do you convert those beliefs into faith?  Meditate and pray about how what you believe about God can be applied practically in your life.  I don’t know your unique circumstances and the answer here will be unique to your context.  When you act to orient your life to align with your Christian convictions you will have faith.

Now you said something else in your letter that must be addressed.  You mentioned that you have despised Christians for their lack of intellectual depth.  This is a wrong attitude.  Christ has been patient with us in our difficulties, and so we must be patient with our Christian brothers and sisters.  This is not to say that it is not right and appropriate to encourage them to develop their minds as a way of worshiping God, but we must not have contempt or disdain for our fellow believers.  It is Christ’s sacrifice alone that has secured our salvation; not our willingness to study.

Matt Bilyeu

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