Why does God create people who will go to hell?

I received a question from someone asking why God can’t just refrain from creating people who will reject him.  God can create anyone he chooses whenever a new human being comes into existence, so why doesn’t God just choose to create people who will be faithful?

My response is below:

Your question relies on the rejection of a view known as Traducianism.  On traducianism, our parents not only construct our bodies through pro-creation but they construct our souls as well.  This is in opposition to the view that God uniquely creates each soul at the time of conception.  On this view God is still the creator of each person, as he has brought about their existence through both his creation of the world and the human race (thus indirectly bringing about their birth) and also through God’s sustaining action in maintaining their existence.

Traducianism avoids a couple of problems that attend its rejection.  First, do we want to say that people can coerce God into action through pro-creation?  If God uniquely creates individual souls whenever pro-creation occurs, then he will be obligated to act in either creating the soul or preventing conception whenever such an event might occur.  Although not a formal challenge, it will likely be unpalatable to most Christians to think that God can so be coerced into action.  Additionally, what sort of soul does God create?  All human beings are born in sin.  We are born with a sinful nature.  If God uniquely creates our soul, then we cannot simply inherit a sinful nature from our parents (as Traducianism will allow) but rather we must envision God creating us sinful.  This also seems to be an unpalatable option.

If traducianism is true, then we wouldn’t want to say that God creates people that will reject him.  Rather, God brought about the human race (through the creation of Adam and Eve) and some members of the human race accept him and others reject him.

Matt Bilyeu

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