Since so many Christians disagree, why think Christianity is true?

I received a question from a critic claiming that since so many Christians disagree about things like baptism, fasting, etc that God has obviously not made doctrine clear.  He took this as reason to think that God is not involved in Christianity.

My response is below:

Now I want to make sure I am following your reasoning here.  Your claim is that because there is disagreement among adherents to Christianity about some of the claims of Christianity that therefore Christianity is false?

Why doesn’t this reasoning work in other realms of thought?  Does the fact that there are multiple interpretations of quantum mechanics that therefore there is no such thing as quantum mechanics?

There are also different interpretations of relativity (the Einsteinian interpretation and the Lorentzian interpretation), does this lack of consensus mean that relativity is false?

The fact is that there is broad agreement among Christians about the central claims of Christianity, but even if there weren’t it is not obvious at all that this would cast any doubt on the truth of Christianity.

Ultimately the truth of Christianity does not depend on doctrinal statements about the timing of baptism or the documents to be included in scripture.  The truth of Christianity rests on the resurrection of Jesus Christ, a historical event for which there is ample evidence.  I’ve linked a few videos below that cover the evidence if you are interested.

Short Video: Part 1 – The evidence
Short Video: Part 2 – Explanations
Long Video: Lecture on the Resurrection

Matt Bilyeu

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