If God can make Heaven, why did he make a fallen earth?

I received a question asking why God would bring about a world in which we fall into sin if he can make a world in which we don’t.  The scriptures say that God will bring about an eternal state in the future in which mankind no longer sins, so why didn’t he just do that instead of all of the sin in human history?

My response is below:

It certainly seems from the biblical literature that we will not sin when we are in heaven and that we have free will.  The challenge is that we do not understand precisely why we will not sin.  It is possible that in a world in which we have the historical example of the fallen earth that we will freely choose not to sin.  In any event, we can leave it as an open question.

Remember that even if there is no sin in heaven, it will still not be the case that God brought about a world in which a multitude of free creatures exist and no one sins.  The future eternal state is still part of the same “world” in which we have the past example of sin on earth.  If someone were to try and raise this as a criticism, it is unclear that they will be able to shoulder the burden of proof to go from God’s eliminating sin in this world in the future to the feasibility of God’s create a world in which there is no sin in the first place.  Since one does not imply the other, it would be up to the critic to show that a sinless possible world is feasible for God to create.

Matt Bilyeu

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