How do we decide about Calvinism?

I received a question about Calvinism and Molinism asking if any philosophical argument can be made to distinguish between the two.

My response is below:

That is a great question!  I recommend Determined to Believe? by John Lennox.  He goes through a very thorough treatment and shows that the doctrine of irresistible grace leads to some very counter-intuitive results.  Although I may not be doing justice to Dr. Lennox’s argument, let me sketch one argument out briefly here:

1) If God’s grace is irresistible, then God can feasibly save everyone.

2) If God can feasibly save everyone, then God will save everyone.

3) If God will save everyone, then everyone is saved.

4) Not everyone is saved.

5) Therefore, if God’s grace is irresistible then both everyone and not everyone is saved, which is absurd.

Lennox’s treatment is much more thorough, and his humble approach is certainly worth emulating as well.

Matt Bilyeu

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