How do I defend myself in evangelism?

I received a question recently from someone who was having difficulty defending herself in spiritual conversations.  She was going to atheistic forums and looking for confrontations to work through.  Her question was how she might push past denials of the evidence.

My response is below:

I cannot recommend that you go into atheist forums or sites online to look for arguments (if this is what you meant you were doing) without extensive training.  As you are finding, they can come at you from all angles and often with either baseless claims or falsified data.

It is common for people to deny evidential status to theistic evidences.  If they cannot provide you with a good reason, then their denial is intellectually dishonest.  I had one guy literally deny deductive reasoning before.  You can’t take this as a failing on your part, it is a failing on theirs.

Greg Koukl has awesome material on handling yourself in spiritual conversations.  He both has a book titled Tactics, and you can find online lectures covering the content.  I can’t recommend his material highly enough.  It will help you to prepare your own in spiritual conversations.

Matt Bilyeu

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