Aren’t we just Stardust?

I recently received a question from someone trying to share their faith with an atheist.  The challenge that they were receiving was that we are just stardust.  They reasoned from this that it was inappropriate to say that we had a soul or that we were created by God.

My response is below:

It is relatively non-controversial that the material that makes up our bodies is stardust.  Lighter elements are “cooked” inside of stars to make denser elements.  In our own star hydrogen is cooked into helium through nuclear fusion.  If our star were to go into supernova then it would release the helium.  The thinking goes that the denser elements of which our bodies are constituted were cooked through successive supernovae.


It does not follow from describing the history of denser elements in our bodies that we are nothing but our bodies, that we are nothing but stardust.  If they want to make that additional claim then they’ll need to substantiate it.  Imagine that someone where to describe in detail the manufacturing history of each component that made up a car.  Would doing so imply that there is no driver of the car or overall purpose in those components coming together?  


I just don’t see how the conclusion that we are nothing but our bodies follows from the theory that long-dead stars produced our body’s component elements.  Did they give you any additional information or raise any additional points that would lead to their conclusion?



Matt Bilyeu

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