Question about Fine Tuning

I recently received a question about the Fine Tuning Argument which asked why life could not have evolved to fit the different constants and quantities if they had differed.  Why think that the cosmos was fine tuned for life if life could have existed under different circumstances?

My response is below:

This is a great question.  Dr. Craig responds to this objection in On Guard, and I would encourage you to pick up that book when you have a chance.  In that work, Dr. Craig presents the arguments and responds to objections.

In the case of your question, it seems not to fully appreciate the disastrous consequences of variations in the constants and quantities.  It isn’t just that life is better able to thrive with the current set of constants and quantities, but life is possible with the current set of constants and quantities.  If the constants were different, thinks like planets and stars or even chemistry would become impossible.  It is hard to see how, for example, life of any form at all could exist if there were no atoms denser than helium in the universe or if the universe had collapsed back into a singularity shortly after the big bang.

On Guard will be a great resource for you to work through objections like these and others to the arguments for God’s existence that Dr. Craig endorses.


Matt Bilyeu